The advantage of granite tiles over other tiles

Granite tiles are very beautiful and durable. They are widely used in the interior and exterior design of office buildings and houses. They are suitable for use in a variety of climates and have unique and varied designs, which is why they are popular with many people with different tastes. One of the best granites in the world is Iran granite stone.

The nature and material of granite tiles

Due to the nature and material of granite tiles

Why GRANITE, The building can be made of different tiles, but why do we recommend granite tiles?

  • The design of this tile is unique and does not look artificial when seated together.
  • This stone is completely natural and does not contain chemical preservatives, so it does not cause allergies. Also, due to the impermeability of this stone to moisture, the probability of mold and mildew on granite floors and walls is zero percent, and this has led to its use of in the construction of hospitals and medical centers
  • This stone is more invariable than ceramic and is not affected by detergents or food liquids, so it is great for use on kitchen floors, and professional architects who design large and expensive buildings use granite in their design.
  • Due to the impact resistance of this stone, granite stone tile is much easier to maintain. You do not need to worry about falling Metal kitchen utensils falling on it. Granite tiles are not glazed and are not as vulnerable to impact as ceramics. This makes these tiles durable for many years.
  • Changes in ambient temperature have very little effect on granite because it is the result of a long and difficult process in geological periods. For places such as kitchen counters and places where the floor or counter is exposed to hot and cold temperatures intermittently, Iran granite stone is the best choice.
  • This stone is very resistant to scratches due to its hard material and it takes years to be damaged by wear and contact with metal and glass objects. Granite stone care is easy for this reason; it is the best option to use as a counter screen in restaurants, hotels, and kitchens.

The use and installation of granite tiles

Due to the use and installation of granite tiles

Rocks extracted from block granite quarries are transformed into granite stone products like granite slabs through processes. These products are used to cover floors and walls of buildings.

Granite stone flooring is much better than ceramic or parquet flooring because the glaze of the ceramic causes people to slip when the floor is washing, and the parquet also has problems such as moisture penetration and mold.

Another advantage of granite tiles is that in their installation, the brackets supported by aluminum wire can be used to secure the building facade. The bracket makes these facade stones on the walls the most durable and prevents the stone from falling out of mortar and separating it.

Unlike ceramic tiles and parquets, stone can have different volumes, and for this reason, granite stone can be used in all parts of the building to create an integrated and harmonious view, especially with large slabs.

This stone can be used to make all kinds of stone sculptures and entrances. It also has no restrictions on use outside and inside the building. The stone is thick enough to make anything in the building facade and does not require additional materials.


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