White Granite

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Natanz White Granite Mine is located in Isfahan province.

Natanz White Granite Known as Cotton Flower Granite, it has a white and gray background with grayish-gray grit.

This Natural Stone has a good position in the world in terms of export.

The lower grades of this granite are not uniformly granulated, with more gray or black halos.

Natanz White Granite is the great classics of natural White granite. Their primeval beauty has great currency in the interior design and decoration of today.

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White Granite

Due to the reasonable price this stone is widely used in construction.

Granite is an igneous rock that is the result of hundreds of millions of years of creation.

Nature has given this exceptional product with its multitude of colors. We are forever learning how to use and enjoy it.

It is among the hardest of natural stones and is used for many applications including structural works.

Granite’s rich colors and density make it an ideal stone for many applications.

We suggest to use this stone in outdoor designs.

We also recommend avoiding granite indoors.

Typically you will find granite used for flooring, countertops, vanities, furniture and of course as exterior cladding.

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