Shipping Policy

Shipping Freight

FRS Co. always tries to provide its customers with the most accurate information on product availability. Plus our team is using the tools and resources made available by the manufacturers we represent.

However, we strongly suggest that any professional services required to install your product(s) not be scheduled until your order has arrived and been inspected.In addition, FRS Co. is not responsible for any costs associated with shipment delays.

Loading method on containers is extremely important and the slightest mistake causes damage to the load.

Our professional team will handle the loading on containers with the highest safety care.

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Land Transportation (Truck Freight)

Blocks/Slab/Tiles can be shipped via truck freight based on the location of destination country.

But we usually use trucks for European countries and domestic destinations of Iran.

For more info about our services in Iran please visit

In addition, Loading method on truck is extremely important. The slightest mistake causes damage to the load.

Our professional team will handle the loading on trucks with the highest safety care.

Carries will contact you to set up a delivery time.

At the time of delivery, the customers should make sure to note on the receipt ANY and ALL visible damage to the packaging of their item(s). Noting the condition of the delivery is the responsibility of the customer – not the driver.

If the carrier is unable to contact the customer, the customer will then be responsible for any storage fees or freight charges back to the shipper. See our Return Policy section for full details.

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If you wish to pick up your order of block/slab or tile it is possible.

We will contact you via phone or email when your product is ready for your visit, we will set the appointment with customer and we will accompany him to our showroom.

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