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iranian stone mines : Before we start talking about Iran stone mines, in particular, it is better to clarify the general meaning of mine. A mine is a place where all kinds of metals and rocks that have economic value are gathered. Mining also involves the extraction of valuable minerals or other materials from land and mines. The history of exploitation, the discovery of mines, smelting of ores, and extraction of metals from them dates back to ancient times. Minerals include base metals, precious metals, iron, coal, diamonds, lime, salt, etc. In general, any material that cannot be obtained through agriculture or artificial manufacturing in laboratories and factories is usually obtained through mining.


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For this reason, mines are very important in the economy, and the existence of mining is one of the most important assets for a country, and mining activities are one of the most important and determining factors in promoting industrial self-sufficiency, creating productive employment.


Iran is rich in minerals due to its diverse geological and geographical conditions and having a heterogeneous crust because it has almost all the minerals in the world.


Iranian Stone Mines :

Quarry is a place where slate, rock, aggregate, carcass stone, sand, gravel, or slag are extracted from the ground. The difference between open-pit mines and open-pit mines is that open-pit mines produce building materials and slate, but in general, open-pit mines and quarries are the same from which all kinds of minerals are extracted. Stone mining is also called underground stone mining.


Types of stones extracted from Iran stone mines :

Here are some types of stones extracted from Iranian stone mines :

  • coal
  • Sand and gravel
  • Large grain sandstone
  • Gypsum stone
  • Limestone
  • Marble
  • Ore
  • Phosphate rock
  • Sandstone


Some of the most important stone mines in Iran are :

More than several mineral ores are known in Iran. Only some of them have been studied. In general, the iron-bearing regions of Iran have been divided into several regions due to the proximity of iron deposits to each other.


  • Arak-Malayer region
  • Kerman-Yazd region includes Jalalabad Zarand iron ore mine, Sirjan Gol Gohar mine, and Choghart iron mine, and Bafgh iron mine in Yazd province
  • Isfahan – Kashan region
  • Khorasan region
  • Tehran – Qom – Qazvin region
  • Persian Gulf region

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