Why clients should select stone instead of ceramics:

If you wonder why we say “Stone instead of Ceramics”? then here you can find why?

1- Stone is not uniform so your eyes will have more enjoyable.

2- Surface of ceramic is slip so is a danger for babies, old people & not enough security for children.

3- When you are looking to stone you can imagine where it comes & how many years takes to provide this stone.

4- All historical sites in the world built by Stone so stone could have existed for thousand & thousand years.

5- Textures of stone is very beautiful & completely different from ceramics.

6- Archaists prefer stone to other materials.

7- If you look at the buildings in the streets, you will find stones make most of the facades.

8- Elasticity of stone in different temperatures are much more than ceramics.

9- Stone is stronger than the ceramic.

10- Stone could be Re-polished & comes new. 11- Stone is friendlier with the environment



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