Observe technical method for granite slabs Installation

granite slabs : Beautiful granite products are very rigid, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need care. To protect this unique stone, it is necessary to follow the tips and do some things. You don’t need a lot of work, you just have to do things every few years, to increase their durability and keep them beautiful.

Observe technical method for granite slabs Installation
Observe technical methods for granite slab Installation

Observe technical methods for granite slab Installation

The most important factor in protecting granite stone products is their proper installation. Carry the granite slabs in a vertical position and to transport slabs with maximum safety. Carry them on edge in an A-frame rack. Cover the edges of the slab with paper tape to protect them.

Before installation, check substrate flatness and clean it. The maximum allowable difference is 1 mm every 2 meters. Wrong construction results in breaking the granite stone, setting to enough rub mortar and substruction.

Observe the appropriate composition for making mortar under the stone to install slabs. The use of a Class C2 adhesive (cement-based adhesive with boosted bonding) is recommended for the granite stone flooring and two coats of glue to prevent empty spots under the granite slabs and guarantee perfect bonding with the substrate to eliminate excess air. Bang the granite stone slab starting from the center moving outwards. After gluing each row of tiles, use a tile spacer and hold the granite slabs in place while the mortar dries.

To prevent the granite slabs from chipping during installation it is recommended to use the appropriate device. Test the right placement of the Slabs by leveling systems to make the installation surface perfectly flat. Use a Class T glue (with limited vertical slip) for the well (EN 12004 standard), both the wall and the back of the slab must be mortared. Let the thin-set dry for 2 days, and pry out the tile spacers. Apply the cement grout using the rubber spatula. Wipe off excess material with a damp sponge.

Granite stone care notes
Granite stone care notes

Granite stone care notes

After removing the stone from the block granite quarry, it is transformed into different products in processes. These products are installed in different parts of the building. Depending on where they are installed, destructive factors must be taken care of.

  • Use a water-based impregnator bath kit. It dissolves mineral deposits and soap from the stone bath safely. It uses a pH-neutral combination of special non-acid chemicals. Apply with a sponge and allow it to stand on the granite tile, while soap scum begins to break up, but don’t let the solution dry. Then scrub granite tiles with a scrub brush after a few minutes, and Rinse thoroughly.
  • Repair holes and cracks in the stone to save a new-like condition. Use convenient wipes to remove fingerprints, oil, dirt, smudges, grease, and dust. Stone Wipes will not stick film to cloud visibility or leave behind streaks.
  • Apply granite sealer to your countertops and repair it; this will protect the stone and prevent any type of deep staining.
  • Use only GRANIT and quartz cleaner for your countertop, because this granite stone products cleaner keeps your granite slab countertops looking shiny and new for years.
  • Iran Granite Stone recommends you use polish powder and then a white buffing pad to polish granite stone floors. For restoring the brilliant gleam there are two types of polish powder usage, wet and dry. Wet polishing pads are cheaper than dry pads but it creates a lot of sprays when used with tools.

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