Nero marquina marble – What is Nero marquina marble stone

Nero Marquina Marble :

Nero Marquina marble (Marmol Negro) is a high-quality, black stone marble. It is a fine and compact grain, black, with white veins, which can eventually be very abundant.

Nero Marquina Marbles are well-known and a good choice in many countries due to its black background. This marble can be the best kind of stone for luxury and Classic designer taste. You can use this stone with white stone on the inside of the interior Flooring, This contrast between black and white makes it more elegant and luxurious.

White veins on this stone present in the Nero Marquina Marbles, such as light rays in their darkness, and make this stone different from other examples.

The magic of this elegant marble when it comes to interior architecture and contemporary decors is simply fascinating. Nero Marquina takes its name from the Basque Country in the North of Spain.


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Its resilience, extraordinary polished finish, natural textures, variety, and color richness are only some of the qualities that have made marble one of the materials preferred by decorators and architects.

Nero Marquina Marbles, black background with white veins, and our state-of-the-art polishing technology make this marble one of the most distinguished luxury stones in Iran and global markets.

Nero Marquina is found in Tile, Slab, Step, Riser, Marble chips, and Split face dimensions. Nero Marquina Marble is a great alternative for similar stones like Pietra Grey Marble and any other black or dark grey marbles.

This kind of stone is one of the best options as tile for building floors due to its high strength. As the blackness of Nero Marquina Marbles are very deep so it is the best option in designs that aim at darkening the building floor.


Here is some property of Nero Marquina Marble stone :

  • 1240 kg pushing resistance
  • 2063 kg special weight
  • 0.83% water absorption
  • 0.78% porosity


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