Iranian Golden Black Marble , tile or slab for export

Golden Black Marble is a unique and famous Persian marble.

This Natural Stone is popular due to the special color, which is strong black including white and gold stripes.

It’s Mine is located in Kashan, Isfahan Province, Yazd, Central, and Mahalat.

Because of it’s beauty, it is at the same level of foreign stone.

Golden Black Marble is perfect for flooring all the interiors of lobbies and services and hotels.

One of the favorite materials of any designer is combining the Golden Black Marble with other natural stones such as white marbles like Carrara Marble, and Pure White Marble and etc.

In addition, You can read more about our Guarantee policy and Shipping policies here.

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Golden Black Marble

If Golden Black Marble has the more gold streaks ,the quality will be the better and the the price higher.

This Natural stone has a significant share in exports.

The positive features of this stone, along with its very good price, make it as a serious competitor for foreign stones as one of the best options for use in luxury buildings by

designers and builders.

Pakistan, China, and Italy are other origins for Golden Black Marbles like Nero Portoro Marble, Black Marquina Marble and Black Bonanza Marble with gold or white veins but.

Iranian golden black marble has a unique texture and differ from those marbles.

We can provide you block, slab, tile and cut to size.

Also, you can choose different finishing, like polished, honed, flamed, sandblast, etc.

In addition, You can read more about our Guarantee policy and Shipping policies here.

Retails policy price list of marble produce for tile & slab:
The price of tile, slab for retailer sale is the price that end users will pay for
so this price list should be flexible in discounting I Favier of clients
otherwise, you will not succeed in increased your buyers. the limestone is
suitable for indoor façade & indoor floor of a building
Wholesale policy price list produces of tile & slab:
When you are going to buy Iranian produce of marble please be informed that if you ask for a wholesale price list you will have the advantage to get a better price of tile, slab. Even you will have
The price of Bulk buy of the produce of tile & slab:
When you are going to order bulk buy of stone means quality is no issue for you
& price is very important so you should inform the seller to know this to
offer you a better depo of bulk stone.
The price policy for the sale of tile & slab produce:
When you asking for direct sale as an agent of the producer of marble is
better to have an agreement to avoid any misunderstanding in the future.
Marble is the most consumption of stone in the world but only for indoors.


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