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White marble : with golden designs is located in Iran in Kerman and Qorveh. Marble is derived from the Greek root marmoros which means brilliant and is known as onyx. Marble is a type of limestone. The polishing ability of this marble slab is very high and it can be polished to the extent of mirror polish. These stones have different prices and colors and their main characteristics include beautiful color and a good polish.

These types of stones have been used in construction for a long time. These types of stones are especially used in decoration, stairs, interior design, and floors. Marble is used as a unique raw material in the decoration of large buildings and sculptures. In the last 15 to 20 years, due to the increasing growth of industries, decorative and precious stones have not met their needs. Many floor cleaning services are currently performed for this type of stone right now.


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Azna white marble :

Azna white marble is one of the most popular stones.

The mine of this natural stone is located in Lorestan province, 24 km from Dorud city and Azna city.

It is very suitable for low-light environments due to its clear and bright background.

It is perfect and suitable for use on floors, stairs, and parking walls.

Most architects use Azna white marble to design the floor stone, lobby walls, and floor stone of luxurious halls.

White marble description :

Azna white marble is one of the most popular stones among both designers and customers.

Its simplicity makes it suitable for use on floors, stairs, and parking walls.

Limestone is formed from the sediments of warm and boundless seas and combines with granite millions of years ago, which is awesome.

Marble has veins and fossils that give a unique beauty to this stone.

Marble has chains called acetylcholine that look like an ECG in the stone texture.

Marble is suitable for use in facades and inside and outside the building.

This stone (white marble) is available in the form of tile slabs and cups.



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