learn about Iran Stone Statistic as below:

Iran has 6000 active factories which 500 of them renovated with very modern machinery recently.

In addition, Iran production is 160.000.000 M2  annually of slab & tile.

1500 travertine, Granite, Onyx, limestone & Marble of stone quarries with most unique & beautiful colors in the world.

Furthermore, there is a big internal market that consuming is 60.000.000 M2 per/year & rest of production are exporting to 20 countries.

Iran Stone News:

Due to very good market of grey Marble the quarry owners invested in new quarries & recently the new quarries of marble, Stone in Fars, North Khorasan & east Azerbaijan provinces of Iran is found & extracted. The color of them are grey Marble , white Tra-Onyx, white onyx

14 % growth in processed construction stone exports

Last year Iran has exported Block and processed stone to more than 100 countries, Group of Entrepreneurs: Deputy Chairman of Iran’s Stone Association, said.

He said that “the amount of processed stone exported grew up to 14 % more compared to 2017.

Mr.Malek Rahmati, at a news conference and just before the 11th International Exhibition of Mining and Decorative Stones added: Last year, 581 thousand tons of processed stone worth 144 million dollars and one million tons of block stone worth 161 million dollars for the relevant purposes exported.

According to him, available statistics show Iran’s capacity of 30 million tons is in the construction stone area. Last year, with a production of 13.5 million tons, we still maintain our position among the five countries.

Rahmati added: Iran’s capacity for the processed stone was 180 million sqm and the production was about 80 to 85 million sqm. According to the vice president of the Iranian stone association, last year 69 countries were announced their demands for processed stone Which Iraq with 269 thousand tons and Emirates with 101 thousand tons achieved of 65 percent of Iran’s processed stone.

China, with a total of 812,000 tons, and more than 140 million dollars, allocated more than 80 % of exported block stone to itself. In addition, India, UAE and Italy were our markets in Iran.

Also at this news conference, Rahmati announced the launch of the Eleventh International Exhibition of Decorative Stones, Mining, Machinery and Equipment from 18th July which will be continued until 21th  July, for four days.

The vice president of the Iranian stone association promises: The conducting conference of architecture and stone with the presence of the mayor of Tehran provides a ground. To find out how to use the stone industry in city streets and furniture and other areas.

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