Dear Friends , Interesting report on the number of stone imports into the US in February year 2019; and comparing the same time in the year 2018, it is interesting for me that most of the world’s stones are exported to the US monthly. In this between ,Import of stone to America

China with $ 2 million granite and $ 5 million marble, is one of the top exporters, then

Report of the Analysis of the Impact of Tolls on Block Stone Exports- part 1

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Brazil with $ 18 million in granite and

Turkey with $ 14 million marble and

India with $ 10.5 million granite and marble and Italy with $ 10 million granite and marble

These are in a List of largest exporters.

Now pay attention to the number of countries exporting to the US in February:

Emirates- Argentina- Austria- Belgium- Brazil- Bulgaria- Canada- China- Denmark- Dominican- Ecuador- Egypt- Flanders- France- Germany- Greece- Hong Kong- India- Indonesia- Israel- Italy- Jordan- Korea- Lebanon- Mexico- Morocco- Namibia- Holland- Pakistan- Peru- Philippines- Poland- Portugal- Russia- Arabia- South Africa- Spain- Sri Lanka- Switzerland- Syria- Taiwan- Tunisia- Tunisia- Turkey- England- Vietnam- Zimbabwe

The report includes imports to the United States in the granite, marble, slate and other rocks, both in value in dollars and in tonnage. Import of stone to America

Total US imports:

In February of the 2019 year $ 102 million and this month in the Year 2018, it was $ 118.5 million, down 14 percent from a year earlier.

Source: World Stone Site – US Foreign Trade Section  , Import of stone to America

Total US Stone Imports in February 2018

CountryTotal February 2018
Granite U.S. Dollar53,951,079
Granite Tons77,658
Marble U.S. Dollar55,714,486
Marble Tons57,247
Slate U.S. Dollar4,667,276
Other U.S. Dollar4,324,963
Other Tons15,259

Total US Stone Imports in February 2019

CountryTotal February 2019
Granite U.S. Dollar44,796,232
Granite Tons80,179
Marble U.S. Dollar49,336,751
Marble Tons65,005
Slate U.S. Dollar3,166,170
Other U.S. Dollar4,764,165
Other Tons14,186

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