types of pietra grey marble , tiles slab and quarry

types of pietra grey marble , tiles slab and quarry

Pietra grey marble

Pietra Grey Marble quarries which are located in south of Isfahan and very close to city, have provided this possibility that this stone with strong distinctive white veins in different directions and thicknesses which is highly resistant and beautiful to be installed as step treads and interior walls, be used in most of monuments in Isfahan city. Using this stone for the façade of buildings is not recommended since its black color changes to grey due to sunlight. One of the disadvantages of this building stone is the accumulation of dark veins that may be evacuated during the time and destroys the beautiful look of stone.Pietra Gray is a kind of dark grey with white quartz features populer marble quarried in Iran. This stone is especially good for Building stone,countertops, sinks, monuments, pool coping, sills, ornamental stone, interior, exterior, wall, floor , paving and other design projects. Pietra gray marble has a special effect and beauty with grau and black background color and white veins.this production method in 2 iranian stone processing centers including Isfahan and Tehran provice (shans abad industrial zone) as slab and tiles.The major consumer markets in the workd includes uae,usa,Canada,Russia ,Italy, south Africa , Qatar,oman and turkeyThe high advantage of pietra gray marble is branding and using it in the world’s leading projects, including night clubs, business centers, malls and many other spaces.

Some Pietra Gray Marble Advantages 


Due to the obvious properties of this stone, in terms of resistance and low percentage of water absorption rate and its chemical analysis, it is one of the few stones used in different parts of a project. Including outdoor landscaping as Bush Hammered, outdoor space, floor, walls, countertops, stairs and etc. Here are some more of these advantages:


  • Famous
  • Variety of process
  • Mass production




This marble is one of the branded marbles in the world and is available in iran showrooms and most of the world’s showrooms and slab storages.

Variety of process

Another advantage of this stone is the ability to apply a variety of process methods such as polished, leather, sandblast, Bush Hammered and etc.

Mass production 

The other advantage of Pietra Gray Marble is the high and extensive reserve of the quarries which covers any size projects.


1.  Pietra grey marble

2.  Pietra grey marble slab

3.  Pietra grey marble block

4.  Pietra grey marble quarry

5.  Polished pietra grey

6.  Honed pietra grey


types of pietra grey marble , tiles slab and quarry

Pietra grey marble 

Pietra Gray Marble is a stunning marble from Iran, being very dense and consistent marble. The local name for Pietra gray marble is Lashator marble. This gray/black marble is sorted in different types based on the background color and the number of white veins. Pietra grey marble is one of the most famous and best-selling natural stone. As a professional manufacturer of Pietra Gray Marble Slabs for years, we offer various kinds of Pietra Grey Marble Slabs With advanced mechanical equipment and experienced technical workers that can provide Pietra Gray Marble Blocks and Slabs on top quality and best price.



Pietra gray marble slab

Pietra Grey marble is made up of muddy Charcoal grey tones and striking white veining throughout. Therefore, both dark and light gray marbles with much veins or limited white veins are available at Iranian companies stock. Pietra Grey Marbles can be processed into Polished, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rock faced, Sandblasted and Tumbled. Brushed Pietra Gray Slabs and Polished Pietra Gray slabs are the regular products in iranian stone Factory.


Pietra gray marble block

Although Pietra gray marble’s origin country is Iran. Pietra gray marble is exported to whole the world. In addition, many marble factories in China, Italy, and Turkey are producing this gray natural stone.

Pietra Grey Marble Quarry

Pietra Gray marble’s quarry is located in Isfahan province near nero marquina marble  quarry, so high-quality Blocks of Pietra Gray in the best price is ready to ship.

Polished Pietra Grey

Over fifteen years of extensive research and product development have resulted in a product situated at the cutting edge of high definition digital technology. Iranian company goal was to produce colors and shades typical of Pietra Grey Marble that retain high fidelity of the natural stone. Because of high demands for Polished Pietra Grey in both export and domestic market, Polished Slabs of Pietra gray marble are always available in iranian showroom.

Honed pietra grey

Honed Pietra Grey has been becoming popular these days. The surface of honed Pietra Grey Marbles are smooth and consistent but not so shiny. Honed Pietra Gray has a little reflection. Honed Pietra Grey is preferred for floors, stairs and other areas that must easily withstand foot traffic.



How  to use pietra gray marble

The on-trend color of this marble makes it the perfect choice for marble bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas. This style of natural stone has been featured in designer and celebrity bathrooms and kitchens worldwide so you can bring the natural beauty of marble to your home. Pietra Graystone is especially good for Building stone, marble countertops, sinks, marble monuments, pool coping, sills, ornamental stone, interior, exterior, and other marble design projects.


Pietra grey price

Pietra Grey price depends on the raw material and the grade of marble. There are several Pietra gray quarries with different qualities. Moreover, the slabs and tiles of Pietra Gray sorted based on the amount of chain, the background color darkness and height.

Buy iranian stone - How to buy stone from iran stone exporter companies

Buy iranian stone - How to buy stone from iran stone exporter companies

buy iranian stone , and why and how to buy stone from Iran. this article will try to fully answer to these questinos.

Buy iranian stone – How to buy stone from iran

Iran is famous for lots of stone quarries that owns. You can find any kinds of stone in Iran.travertine stone, marble stone, onyx stone and granite stone are the most common extracting stones in Iran. It is up to you which group is your desire. According to your project you can choose among different Iran stones.

When you are sure about the stone you need, you should decide you want it processed or raw. Both have some benefits. If you take the stone raw, you should process it yourself which means you would have different sources. To buy raw stone you should continue this to gather enough from each sort. The point for this option is very low price. Also you can choose the level of the quality you exert on the stone yourself.

Choosing processed stone has its own benefits. In this way you can have what you need in a glance. You can buy only the sort you really need. Also you can buy any quantity you choose and you would not have any limitation. In this way you can send the stone to your customer quickly and without any special trouble.

There are many companies in iran that sell different kinds of stone.you can find them on the internet by their sites and buy online.


anywhere you search for Iranian stone exporter websites , there you can see rockstone between the recommendations . rockstone is a well-known website in the field of supplying and exporting Iranian natural stones . with more than 20 years experience in this field we suggest you to buy your query from us. rockstone.biz had experience of exporting any kind of high quality stones to any where around the world.

you can order any kind of stone you desire by the contact us page.

differant types of traonyx stone - what is traonyx stone?

differant types of traonyx stone - what is traonyx stone?

Traonyx stone

Karmania Traonyx Stone is a kind of onyx quarried in Iran.traonyx is a type of natural onyx, which is a combination of travertine, and onyx due to this awesome combination. Traonyx has a special and unique property from both type of stone that is passing light from part of onyx material but the other part would not and illustrate travertine material.This stone has high resistance and water absorption is low and another analys is nearly travertine and onyx stones.Traonyx stone supply to form of wavy and cross out.it can be use at all of interior and exterior design.it supply in slab and tile sizes.As One of the it’s feature can beckon to ability of passing the light.The price of this stone depend on thickness,size and colour .it’s colour variation is black,white,gray,red.iran stone companies with supplying the traonyx stone are ready to give service in field of export stones to countries of Qatar ,Emirate ,Oman,Iraq, Lebanon, Kuwait and all of country on the world.


Traonyx stone usage 

This stone is especially good for Wall and floor applications, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, window sills and other design projects.


differant types of traonyx stone - what is traonyx stone?



Types of traonyx

  • Karmania Traonyx
  • Forest Traonyx
  • WoodenTraonyx
  • Traonyx mahallat
  • Yazd traonyx


Karmania tranoyx

Karmania is one of the most popular and beautiful stone of iran, this stone is used inside and outside. A mixture of white,gray and brown colors can be seen in karmania traonyx background.iranian company have available blocks slabs for this type of traonyx in the stockyard.karmania traonyx has a lighter color called the white karmania traonyx.

Forest traonyx 

Forest traonyx stone is one of the types of limenstone is relatively altered.in other word, this kind of stone is combination of travertine and marble stone. Origin of this stone is located in Isfahan provice and the heart of iran.forest  traonyx stone has brown background  with dark and bright models. This stone  is processed in slab dimension,cabinet, volume,tabular, longitudinal,plaque and stair.

Wooden traonyx

the reason for naming this stone as wooden tronys is its appearance similar to wood, whitch has a brown background.the most important and obvios feature of this stone is the ability of light to pass. Other features of this stone include very low water absorption abrasiob resustabce abd abrasion capability.this stone, like other members of the traonyx the traonyx family, can be used indoors and outdoors.

Traonyx mahallat

This stone has a cream color background with a hint of light brown and beige color. Traonys of local areas is cut in two  forms, waveless and wavy.the distinctine feature of this stone is the passage of light through its marble part. This stone is mostly used in interior design such as lobby walls, bathrooms and stone artifacts.traonys mahallat stone mine is located in markazi provice.


Yazd travonyx

Yazd travonyx stone has a yellowish cream color theme with white and brown streaks.the yellow and brown veins of this stone are made of travertine and the white veins are made of marble.this stone, like other members of the travony collection, has the ability to transmit light and be used in all indoor and outdoor spaces.it is also cut in two forms,wavy and waveless.



types of red travertine - iranian red travertine slabs and tiles

types of red travertine - iranian red travertine slabs and tiles

iranian red travertine and its differant kinds are subject of this article,

What is red travertine ?

Travertine tile is one of the most frequently used stones for residential and office flooring projects but can also be used as facade material and wall cladding. Because travertine tile is a completely natural stone, no two pieces are exactly alike which will create a very diversive pattern. Red Travertine (Soraya Travertine) is one of the most famous Travertines among Persian Travertine stones. Soraya is a Persian name, which means brilliant and bright. Thus, the darkest and the best quality of Red Travertine is called Soraya.


Red travertine in iran

Iranian Travertine products consist all types of tiles, with various finishings as well as honed & polished, tumbled, brushed, antique with chiseled edged, and Mosaic pattern compatible for using in floor and wall covering (Indoor and outdoor), Kitchen, Bathroom, interior design garden, commercial and office place.


Types of red travertine

  • Red Travertine Slab’s

v Red Travertine Tile’s

v Polished Red Travertine

v Persian Red Travertine

v Red Travertine Stone Quarry

v Red Travertine Block

v Vein Cut Red Travertine

v Terracotta Travertine

Red Travertine Slab’s

As each stone is unique, sizes will vary upon availability. Average slab size is 2.8*1.8*1.8 cm. Standard Slab stock thickness is 2 cm & 3cm for most materials. However, other thicknesses may be available upon request.

Red Travertine Tile’s

The Persian Red Travertine range is offered in both slab and tile formats, with tiles being manufactured in predefined measurements outlined below and slab sizes varying depending on the stone block extracted. It is worth noting that for custom dimensions can be fabricated depending on the size of the projects. Travertine tile will give your space a comfortable and natural look that is unique and will provide timeless beauty while accommodating heavy traffic. In addition, adding a travertine tile floor will very likely increase the value of your home.More often the stone is colored because iron or naturally occurring organic impurities affected the stone while it was forming. The stone comes in a wide range of warm colors that can work with different design palates. The color could be anywhere from white, cream, tan, brown, golden, or caramel to a yellow, red or gray.

Polished Red Travertine

Standard finishes for Red Travertine Slab and Red Travertine Tiles are polished & honed, specialty textured finishes such as leather, bamboo and others may be available in stock or upon request.

types of red travertine - iranian red travertine slabs and tiles

Persian Red Travertine

It is a red sedimentary stone, whose color can vary from feeble to intense. It is porous with soft, sometimes white, spots and veining. Persian Red Travertine is a unique material and does not have any rival worldwide.

Red Travertine Stone Quarry

The Red Travertine Stone quarry is located in Azarshahr city, one of the western cities of Azerbaijan province in Iran. Another name for Red Travertine is Azarshahr Red Travertine. This is one of the most beautiful and unique travertines all over the world. Such a bold red color of travertine can only be found in Iran.experts are always present at Azarshahr red travertine quarry to choose the best quality and the most well shaped red travertine blocks once they are extracted. Moreover, the short distance between red travertine quarry and Stone factory enables us to offer the red travertine slab and tiles with the lowest price. The Red Travertine Quarry is located near the quarry of  walnut travertine.


Red Travertine Block

Red travertine blocks in impressive quantities are always available at every stone warehouse. 


Vein Cut Red Travertine

Red Travertine as both vein cut and cross cut is one of our permanents products. Most countries in the world are interested in this unique stone due to its beautiful color. Vein cut Red Travertine normally has straight white and parallel red veins which are lighter or darker than stone background color. But in some cases, these veins are irregular and would be seen as crazy waves on the surface of stone. There are different quarries of Red Travertine in Iran but the most famous one named “Soraya“ is located in Azarshahr.An in-demand natural stone, Travertine Red Vein Cut is a much-loved choice for bathrooms, floors, walls, slabs, and tiles. Available in dark red (Soraya) and medium red color, its naturally exposed color and veins creates a visual break adding sophistication to interiors. For fans of rich backgrounds with exciting natural elements, Travertine Red Vein Cut is a source of inspiration.

Terracotta Travertine

Terracotta is brownish-red earthenware color. that is why Red Travertine is called Terracotta Travertine.





bianco coral marble or travertine slab , tile and quarry

bianco coral marble or travertine slab , tile and quarry

bianco coral marble or travertine is the subject of this article. we are going to fully introduce you their slabs , and tiles and quarry in Iran for export to anywhere around the world.

bianco coral travertine 

travertine is a beautiful natural stone that brings elegance and character to any exterior. Travertine is one of the most distinctive types of natural stone that will make a statement wherever it is placed.


natural stone includes

  • Granite
  • travertine pool pavers,
  • marble pavers,
  • limestone pavers,
  • shell stone,
  • coral stone,
  • and many more types of exterior natural stone products.


Bianco Coral Marble

Bianco Coral marble is a white marble originated from Iran is now one the best white

stones in Iran. Bianco Coral marble has unique features that makes this marble useful for both indoor and outdoor, even for cold-weather countries such as Russia and Ukraine. It is because having porosity on its surface. Bianco Marble became a popular stone in our domestic market because of its reasonable price and especial chemical characteristic. Today, Bianco

marble is one of the main material that is used for facade of buildings in Iran.


Bianco Marble Slab

Because of having Bianco Marble quarry, having a marble factory very close to this quarry, and the high demand, Bianco Marble is always available at Iranian comapiens and factory.

One  factory is producing this special marble evermore.The use Bianco Coral Marble with materials like nero marquina marble, portoro marble ,golden black marble and rosso levanto marble.


bianco coral marble or travertine slab , tile and quarry

Bianco Marble Tile

Iranian stone companies  have sorted Bianco Coral Marble in four grades. The first grade is pure white. The higher amount of light pink dots, the lower the sort. Free length Tiles are very popular because it is a demanding size of tiles for facades. Because of having, both block cutter

Machine and gang saws in factory,

producing marble tiles could be done with different policies and prices.


Bianco Marble Quarry 

Bianco Marble is quarried from our own quarry in Kurdistan province, Iran. Kurdistan is an origin of the many white stones. However, during the winter months, most of the quarries are shut down for a period because of the harsh conditions of snow and ice.

buy iranian natural stone companies and suppliers for export from iran

iranian natural stone companies and suppliers

natural stone companies are provided here as a list of Iranian stone suppliers,  to buy Iranian natural stone , or export , kindly fill the form on the contact us page, also you can make your order in WhatsApp.


Iranian Natural stone companies


Farzin Rockstone

we can proudly provide and export all kinds of stones that are produced by the companies below. we the Farzin Rockstone company , with more than 20 years of experience in this field, can export all of the Iranian natural stones to any country and nation around the world. prices are fair quality is guaranteed ,and the shipping is fast.



No.of Employees:51 ~ 200 People
Year Established:2009
Main Product:Granite,Marble,Travertine


Mehrabian Sepahan stone 


No.of Employees:501 ~ 1000 People
Year Established:2000



Abad gohare babakhani co 


No.of Employees:5 ~ 50 People
Year Established:2014
Main Product:Gohare Beige Limestone,Pietra Grey Marble,Silver Travertine,Harsin Beige Marble,Persian Silk Marble,Crystal White Marble


Middle east pars gohar marble co. 



No.of Employees:5 ~ 50 People
Year Established:2007
Main Product:Roman White Marble,Pietra Grey,White Pearl,Toji Marble,Travertine,Gohara Beige




Hami stone



No.of Employees:5 ~ 50 People
Year Established:2010
Main Product:Pietra Gray Marble(Quarry Owner),Travertine,Limestone,Onyx,Grey Marquina,Travertine



Aron tejarat ideal 


No.of Employees:5 ~ 50 People
Year Established:2000



Ofoq stone co. 



No.of Employees:5 ~ 50 People
Year Established:2012
Main Product:Onyx,Gohare Limestone Block,Marble,Travertine,Pietragrey,Traonyx



Stonexport Parham tejarat co. 


No.of Employees:5 ~ 50 People
Year Established:2011
Main Product:Marble Stone,Granite Stone,Travertine Stone,Travertine Split



Part gohar co. (PG stone) 


No.of Employees:5 ~ 50 People
Year Established:2002
Main Product:Onyx,Marble,Travertine,Limestone


Red ruby coporation 


No.of Employees:51 ~ 200 People
Main Product:Dehbid Marble,Beige Marble,Dehbid Marble Block,Cream Marble,Diffrent Color Travertine,Limstone Block,Dehbid Tile & Slab,Marble


Behengam stone co. 


No.of Employees:5 ~ 50 People
Year Established:2011
Main Product:Karmania Traonyx



Sang micachist co. 


No.of Employees:51 ~ 200 People
Year Established:1990
Main Product:Marble Stone Slabs,Travertine Stone Slabs,Crystal Stone Slabs,Granite Stone Slabs,Marble Stone Tiles,Crystal Stone Tiles




Azarfar holding 


No.of Employees:N/A People
Year Established:2000
Main Product:Marble,Onyx,Travertine,Antique,Granite,Block



Vda stone co. 



No.of Employees:5 ~ 50 People
Year Established:2012
Main Product:Marble,Travertine,Onyx,Limestone,Slab,Tile


Sang saz renan co. 



No.of Employees:51 ~ 200 People
Year Established:2009
Main Product:White Onyx,Black Marble,Cream Marble,Limestone,Red Marble,Pietra Gray



Kara stone 


No.of Employees:51 ~ 200 People
Year Established:1989
Main Product:Travertine,Marble,Crystal,Traonyx



Amini brothers stone company 


No.of Employees:201 ~ 500 People
Year Established:1958
Main Product:Onyx (White,Green,Pink,Orange),Marble ( Cream,Beige,Black),Crystal ( White,Grey)


buy iranian natural stone companies and suppliers for export from iran


Taktaa stone 


No.of Employees:51 ~ 200 People
Year Established:1962
Main Product:Black Marble,Persian Nero,Nero Marquina,Pink Marble,Teravertine,Limestone,Botticino,Gohare,Cubic,Cube


Mahan quarry sepahan 


No.of Employees:5 ~ 50 People
Year Established:2014
Main Product:Marble,Onyx,Granite,Limestone,Travertine,Alabaster


Aria international stone provider



No.of Employees:5 ~ 50 People
Year Established:2009
Main Product:Onyx,Marble,Travertine,Limestone,Granite,Stone,Traonyx


Akam stone 


No.of Employees:201 ~ 500 People
Year Established:2011
Main Product:Marble,Onyx,Travertine,Limestone,Block,Slab





No.of Employees:5 ~ 50 People
Year Established:2000
Main Product:Marble,Onyx,Travertine




Nikfar group


No.of Employees:201 ~ 500 People
Year Established:1952
Main Product:Travertine,Marble,Onyx,Traonyx,Granite,Limestone


Yazd azarin stone 


No.of Employees:5 ~ 50 People
Year Established:2000
Main Product:Travertine


Buy Iranian natural stone

you can contact us in the contact page , and order any kind of iranian natural stone that you desire , prices are fair quality is guaranteed,and the shipping is fast.



Report of the Analysis of the Impact of Tolls on Block Stone Exports- part 1

Global production in 2018 Production of world stone in 2018 compared to 2017 has not different so much, it has increased by one million tones. Of that, 250 thousand tons of limestone increased from 89 million tons to 89250 million tones. In addition, 750 thousand tons of it belongs to silica-based stone that increased from...

Report of the Analysis of the Impact of Tolls on Block Stone Exports- part 2

Stones Consumption (2018) Note the following table: Application of stones 1995 2018 Difference flooring 38٪ 30٪ -8٪ external wall 12.5٪ 7.5٪ -5٪ stair 4٪ 2.5٪ -1.5٪ internal wall 6٪ 12.5٪ 6.5٪ Special work 10٪ 22.5٪ 12.5٪ Exterior construction work 10٪ 5٪ -5٪ Artistic and historical works 15٪ 17.5٪ 2.5٪ Other 3.5٪ 3.5٪ 0٪  World's Top...

Report of the Analysis of the Impact of Tolls on Block Stone Exports- part 3

Import of China with tariff 2515 in 2018 Stone exporting countries to China tonnage Percentage of China's total exports Percentage to total exports Turkey 3.951 47.8٪ 78.1٪ Egypt 0.896 10.8٪ 44.1٪ Iran 0.766 9.3٪ 78.8٪ Greece 0.722 8.7٪ 79.6٪ Portugal 0.55 6.6٪ 83.3٪ Italy 0.495 6.0٪ 39.8٪ Spain 0.305 3.7٪ 59.2٪ Other countries 0.577 7.1٪...

Import of stone to America

Dear Friends , Interesting report on the number of stone imports into the US in February year 2019; and comparing the same time in the year 2018, it is interesting for me that most of the world's stones are exported to the US monthly. In this between China with $ 2 million granite and $...