The nature and material of granite tiles

The advantage of granite tiles over other tiles

Granite tiles are very beautiful and durable. They are widely used in the interior and exterior design of office buildings and houses. They are suitable for use in a variety of climates and have unique and varied designs, which is why they are popular with many people with different tastes. One of the best granites in the world is Iran granite stone.

The nature and material of granite tiles

Due to the nature and material of granite tiles

Why GRANITE, The building can be made of different tiles, but why do we recommend granite tiles?

  • The design of this tile is unique and does not look artificial when seated together.
  • This stone is completely natural and does not contain chemical preservatives, so it does not cause allergies. Also, due to the impermeability of this stone to moisture, the probability of mold and mildew on granite floors and walls is zero percent, and this has led to its use of it in the construction of hospitals and medical centers
  • This stone is invariable than ceramic and is not affected by detergents or food liquids, so it is great for use on kitchen floors, and professional architects who design large and expensive buildings use granite in their design.
  • Due to the impact resistance of this stone, granite stone tile is much easier to maintain. You do not need to worry about falling Metal kitchen utensils falling on it. Granite tiles are not glazed and are not as vulnerable to impact as ceramics. This makes these tiles durable for many years.
  • Changes in ambient temperature have very little effect on granite because it is the result of a long and difficult process in geological periods. For places such as kitchen counters and places where the floor or counter is exposed to hot and cold temperatures intermittently, Iran granite stone is the best choice.
  • This stone is very resistant to scratches due to its hard material and it takes years to be damaged by wear and contact with metal and glass objects. Granite stone care is easy for this reason; it is the best option to use as a counter screen in restaurants, hotels, and kitchens.

The use and installation of granite tiles

Due to the use and installation of granite tiles

Rocks extracted from block granite quarries are transformed into granite stone products like granite slabs through processes. These products are used to cover floors and walls of buildings.

Granite stone flooring is much better than ceramic or parquet floorings because the glaze of the ceramic causes people to slip when the floor is washing, and the parquet also has problems such as moisture penetration and mold.

Another advantage of granite tiles is that in their installation, the brackets supported by aluminum wire can be used to secure the building facade. The bracket makes these facade stones on the walls be the most durable and prevents the stone from falling out of mortar and separating it.

Unlike ceramic tiles and parquet, stone can have different volumes, and for this reason, granite stone can be used in all parts of the building to create an integrated and harmonious view, especially with large slabs.

This stone can be used to make all kinds of stone sculptures and entrances. It also has no restrictions on use outside and inside the building. The stone is thick enough to make anything in the building facade and does not require additional materials.


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white granite

light green granite

green marble

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buy iranian natural stone companies and suppliers for export from iran

The Best Iranian marble Stone supplier

The Best Iranian marble Stone supplier

Iranian marbles are the best marbles in the world in terms of quality, color and variety. Farzin Rock Stone Company is one of the best Iranian marble Stone suppliers in the world, and is a member of the Iran Stone Association. The company has been one of the most important Iranian marble Stone suppliers for more than thirty years in various parts of the world, including Australia, Italy, Canada, the United Kingdom and Middle East.

Iranian marble Stone supplier
Iranian marble Stone supplier


Marble Stone is one of the most widely used building stones in the world, which is used for the interiors of buildings due to its affordable price, high durability and various colors. Note that if you are going to use one of the stones available in the market in large quantities, marble Stone is the best option.

Marble Stones supplied and exported by Farzin Rockstone Company are among the highest quality Iranian marbles that have been produced and designed in accordance with international standards and that is why this company has become one of the best Iranian marble Stone suppliers in the world.

Farzin Rock Stone Co. can supply marble from marble mines throughout Iran. Among the marbles that this company supplies, the following can be mentioned:


All these Marble Stones are provided in large blocks, slabs or tiles. The important point is that this company can supply the best marble Stones as customized.

Remember that acid should not be used for cleaning marble Stones and it should be noted that if the marble is exposed to strong sunlight, its color may change after a while.

Nero marquina marble - What is Nero marquina marble stone

Nero marquina marble - What is Nero marquina marble stone

Nero Marquina Marble :

Nero Marquina marble (Marmol Negro) is a high-quality, black stone marble. It is a fine and compact grain, black, with white veins, which can eventually be very abundant.

Nero Marquina Marbles are well-known and a good choice in many countries due to its black background. This marble can be the best kind of stone for luxury and Classic designer taste. You can use this stone with white stone on the inside of the interior Flooring, This contrast between black and white makes it more elegant and luxurious.

White veins on this stone present in the Nero Marquina Marbles, such as light rays in their darkness, and make this stone different from other examples.

The magic of this elegant marble when it comes to interior architecture and contemporary decors is simply fascinating. Nero Marquina takes its name from the Basque Country in the North of Spain.


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Its resilience, extraordinary polished finish, natural textures, variety, and color richness are only some of the qualities that have made marble one of the materials preferred by decorators and architects.

Nero Marquina Marbles, black background with white veins, and our state-of-the-art polishing technology make this marble one of the most distinguished luxury stones in Iran and global markets.

Nero Marquina is found in Tile, Slab, Step, Riser, Marble chips, and Split face dimensions. Nero Marquina Marble is a great alternative for similar stones like Pietra Grey Marble and any other black or dark grey marbles.

This kind of stone is one of the best options as tile for building floors due to its high strength. As the blackness of Nero Marquina Marbles are very deep so it is the best option in designs that aim at darkening the building floor.


Here is some property of Nero Marquina Marble stone :

  • 1240 kg pushing resistance
  • 2063 kg special weight
  • 0.83% water absorption
  • 0.78% porosity


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Differences between artificial and natural marble stone

Differences between artificial and natural marble stone

Natural Marble is a metamorphic stone, which composed of the minerals calcite, Marson, and dolomite. Most of the marble stone is composed of calcite due to primary limestone. In other words, marble is a type of limestone that has changed over the years due to high pressure and heat.

Natural marble is a hard stone and can stand against acidic materials. Therefore, when this type of stone is exposed to such materials, its color changes. Today, natural marble is very popular in modern home decorations such as exterior walls, sculptures, kitchens, stairs, toilets, etc.


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Artificial Marble :

Artificial marble is also called marble engineering stone, the quality of this stone is very similar to natural marble. artificial marble is produced from fillers and synthetic resins as adhesives and marble particles.

The main advantages of artificial marble are, low shrinkage, high strength, corrosion and wear resistance, minimal water absorption, resistance to climate change, easy maintenance. Artificial marble tiles in construction projects have a wide range of applications in the design of roofs, floors, and interior design.

The elegance of marble stone has made it one of the best home decoration design choices for home designers. Marble flooring in the living room or kitchen counter with marble veneer can give an eye-catching beauty to the design of a home.


Differences between natural and artificial marble stone :

Marble can also be produced artificially. The difference between this artificial stone is in its strength and weight. In terms of weight, artificial marble is about half that of natural stone and can be moved and installed much more easily.

The strength of artificial stone has been improved by laboratory methods and special formulations. The water absorption rate of artificial stone is much less than natural stone. In artificial stone, it is possible to produce customized designs and colors that natural stones do not have this possibility.

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Crema Marfil Marble - what is Crema Marfil Marble ?

Crema Marfil Marble - what is Crema Marfil Marble ?

Crema Marfil Marble from Spain is a classic cream marble. This collection is ideally suited for indoor bathroom and kitchen applications
Dehbid Shayan marble is one of the most luxurious and expensive marbles in Iran.
Dehbid Shayan marble mine is located 20 km from Dehbid city in Safashahr in Fars province.
Dehbid Shayan stone is very similar to the Crema Marfil marble stone.
The price of this natural stone is more reasonable than similar foreign stones. The most common use of Dehbid Shayan marble is in the interiors design of residential buildings.
The use of Shayan marble in the parking lot floor is not recommended, Dehbid Shayan marble can be used in the stairwell and parking lot.


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Dehbid Shayan cream-colored marble :

This stone has a dense and hard structure that has increased the sub-susceptibility of this stone.
It is better not to use this valuable stone on the parking lot floor because of the fact that this stone is light, and as a result, the rubber traces remain on it, and also its veins open after a while which is the last thing you want. Limestone is formed from the sediments of warm and boundless seas and combines with granite millions of years ago.

Dehbid cream Ivory Marble :

This marble has a cream background that is divided into different types, and the most popular type is cream one.
Limestone is formed from the sediments of warm and boundless seas and combines with granite millions of years ago.
Marble has veins and fossils that give a special and unique beauty to this stone. Marble has chains called acetylcholine that look like an ECG in the rock tissue. Marble is one of the best choices for using facades.
Here there is some example of marble stone: Hersin marble, Neyriz marble, and green marble. This stone is available in the form of tile slabs and cups.

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what is Azna white marble ? - High quality white marble

what is Azna white marble ? - High quality white marble

White marble : with golden designs is located in Iran in Kerman and Qorveh. Marble is derived from the Greek root marmoros which means brilliant and is known as onyx. Marble is a type of limestone. The polishing ability of this marble slab is very high and it can be polished to the extent of mirror polish. These stones have different prices and colors and their main characteristics include beautiful color and a good polish.

These types of stones have been used in construction for a long time. These types of stones are especially used in decoration, stairs, interior design, and floors. Marble is used as a unique raw material in the decoration of large buildings and sculptures. In the last 15 to 20 years, due to the increasing growth of industries, decorative and precious stones have not met their needs. Many floor cleaning services are currently performed for this type of stone right now.


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Azna white marble :

Azna white marble is one of the most popular stones.

The mine of this natural stone is located in Lorestan province, 24 km from Dorud city and Azna city.

It is very suitable for low-light environments due to its clear and bright background.

It is perfect and suitable for use on floors, stairs, and parking walls.

Most architects use Azna white marble to design the floor stone, lobby walls, and floor stone of luxurious halls.

White marble description :

Azna white marble is one of the most popular stones among both designers and customers.

Its simplicity makes it suitable for use on floors, stairs, and parking walls.

Limestone is formed from the sediments of warm and boundless seas and combines with granite millions of years ago, which is awesome.

Marble has veins and fossils that give a unique beauty to this stone.

Marble has chains called acetylcholine that look like an ECG in the stone texture.

Marble is suitable for use in facades and inside and outside the building.

This stone (white marble) is available in the form of tile slabs and cups.



Iranian natural stone mines , quarry & manufacturers

iranian stone mines : Before we start talking about Iran stone mines, in particular, it is better to clarify the general meaning of mine. A mine is a place where all kinds of metals and rocks that have economic value are gathered. Mining also involves the extraction of valuable minerals or other materials from land and mines. The history of exploitation, the discovery of mines, smelting of ores, and extraction of metals from them dates back to ancient times. Minerals include base metals, precious metals, iron, coal, diamonds, lime, salt, etc. In general, any material that cannot be obtained through agriculture or artificial manufacturing in laboratories and factories is usually obtained through mining.


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For this reason, mines are very important in the economy, and the existence of mining is one of the most important assets for a country, and mining activities are one of the most important and determining factors in promoting industrial self-sufficiency, creating productive employment.


Iran is rich in minerals due to its diverse geological and geographical conditions and having a heterogeneous crust because it has almost all the minerals in the world.


Iranian Stone Mines :

Quarry is a place where slate, rock, aggregate, carcass stone, sand, gravel, or slag are extracted from the ground. The difference between open-pit mines and open-pit mines is that open-pit mines produce building materials and slate, but in general, open-pit mines and quarries are the same from which all kinds of minerals are extracted. Stone mining is also called underground stone mining.


Types of stones extracted from Iran stone mines :

Here are some types of stones extracted from Iranian stone mines :

  • coal
  • Sand and gravel
  • Large grain sandstone
  • Gypsum stone
  • Limestone
  • Marble
  • Ore
  • Phosphate rock
  • Sandstone


Some of the most important stone mines in Iran are :

More than several mineral ores are known in Iran. Only some of them have been studied. In general, the iron-bearing regions of Iran have been divided into several regions due to the proximity of iron deposits to each other.


  • Arak-Malayer region
  • Kerman-Yazd region includes Jalalabad Zarand iron ore mine, Sirjan Gol Gohar mine, and Choghart iron mine, and Bafgh iron mine in Yazd province
  • Isfahan – Kashan region
  • Khorasan region
  • Tehran – Qom – Qazvin region
  • Persian Gulf region
dark emperador marble stone slab , whre to use dark emperador

dark emperador marble , whre to use dark emperador tile or stone slab

dark emperador stone info is provided here

Dark Emperador is an exquisite polished marble from iran featuring a range of dark rich browns and grays. This marble is recommended for interior use in residential and commercial buildings for flooring, walls and countertops.

dark emperador marble

Dark  Emperador Marble is one of the most preferred dark marbles in recent years by interior designers and natural stone applicators. The White Smoky motions on the dark background of the marble give the stone and elegant look. dark Emperador Marble has a high demand in the domestic and foreign market. dak Emperador Marble is the most famous dark stone from Iran. China is one of the main importers of dark Emperador Marble.

Dark Emperador Quarry 

dark Emperador Marble quarry is located in Fars province of Iran. dark Emperador Marble is very popular and it is very difficult to take the blocks from quarry because of its high demand.

Emperador Marble 

There is much mystery about the Emperador Marble classification of grades or qualities. Sorting its quality is done for each quarry or supplier according to needs, clients and markets. Therefore, there is no standard grading for this marble. Emperador Marbles are from Iran, Turkey, and Spain. The mixture of Emperador Marble with pietra dark or nero marquina marble is one of the most eye-catching designs.


Dark Emperador Marble Slab 

Since it is a natural stone, its vein patterns may be different in each piece, concentrated areas of color may occur, and there may be light and dark patches within the same slab. This dark Emperador marble best expresses its beauty with a polished finish.

Dark Emperador Marble Quarry

This dark Emperador marble quarry located in Shiraz. This quarry has two separated working walls. Light dark marble of this quarry called Persian dark marble  and the lighter one is Silver Emperador Marble.


Where to use dark emperador marble

This marble is recommended for both residential and commercial property installations. Fashion beautiful marble countertops, marble tile floors, accent walls, and other features with slabs and coordinating tiles from the Emperador collection.


buy iranian golden black marble , tiles , slab

buy iranian golden black marble , tiles , slab

iranian golden black marble is the subject of this article. in this article we will try to introduce this beautiful and popular stone. remmember that you can import this stone from iran to any country. you just need to contact us.

Golden black marble

Golden Black is a deep black background with white quartz and golden vein features marble quarried in Iran. This stone is especially good for Exterior – Interior wall and floor applications, kitchen countertops, vanity tops, table tops, fountains and other design projects.

Golden Black Marbl is one of the most beautiful natural stones in Iran.The background color of this marble is black covered by white and golden veins.
This marble can be highly polished. It is mostly used in special and stylish places in order to alter soul of the environment.For instance, it is used for flooring building lobby, elevator, stylish commercial and residential buildings, execution on wall of corridor and parking in the form of strips.
Further, it may be used as stair. In this case, it will really make feature of building evolved and different.


Golden black marble design

The combination of golden and black color with a few white streaks in this stone make it very beautiful.The golden streaks on this stone are exactly the color of yellow gold. the pattern and texture of this stone is unique and unrepeatable, due to the naturalness of the product. also the polished finish and shiny surface make it more fancy.


Some advantages of golden black marble

  • beautiful color and textures
  • suitable for indoor usage
  • low price
  • Good resistance in hard situation

usage of golden black marble 

  1. this stone is from marble family stone so in the outer space, its surface gradually becomes dull and Worn out.
  2. The use of acidic detergents destroys the shiny surface of this stone. The best way to clean this stone is a wet napkin.
  3. The best use for this stone is in the walls and then in the floor of the building.

Black gold marble

Black Gold Marble is one of the common Marbles among all black marbles. Iran have many rich quarries in country. Black Gold Marble quarries are scattered widely thorough the country but the value of this type of marbles depends on the black background plus the distribution of the golden and white colors on the stone. Therefor iran Stone, by having the best quarry is providing the high quality stone products in block and slab format for Black Gold Marble normally.

Golden black marble

The other name of Black Gold Marble which is also the brand name of this stone would be Golden Black Marblae and well known in the market. Golden Black Marbles is a stone with unique dark black background and beautiful white eyes along with nice flakes including the golden colors in random patterns which makes it impressive design on this stone marble.

buy iranian golden black marble , tiles , slab

Black gold marble slab

The Gold Black Marble stone of Iran is so diverse in pattern and veins that it can meet all tastes. Golden black marble is available with the pure black background or with fossils. In addition, the amount of white or gold veins are controllable. The 2cm and 3cm book-match slab of this unique black marble is available in our showroom.

Black gold marble block

Iran is rich in all kinds of marble quarries due to its vastness and suitable weather. The black Gold quarry is always open during the whole year and certain quantity of black and gold marble blocks are always available at stone companies in iran. Customers can select the black gold marble blocks to be exported or produced into slabs and tiles based on their desire pattern and amount of gold or white veins.

Black gold marble quarry

Black Gold marble comes from the mountains of Markazi province that is located in the central part of Iran. This province is an origin of other natural stones. Pakistan, China, and Italy are other origins for black marbles like Nero Portoro Marble, Black Marquina Marble and Black Bonanza Marble with gold or white veins but Iranian golden black marble has a unique texture and differ from those marbles. One of the favorite materials of any designer the Gold Black Marble can be used alongside a verity of other natural stones such as rosso levanto ,rose marble  and white marbles like carrara marble , lilac marble and pure white marble.

Buy black marble

The strong ability to keep the usual ready stock of Black Marble Slab and Black Marble Block has made iran, the biggest Black Marble Supplier in world.

types of pink onyx , tiles , slab and quarry - iranian pink onyx

types of pink onyx , tiles , slab and quarry - iranian pink onyx

iranian pink onyx is a high quality beautiful onyx that years have been well-knowned and exported toevery-where around the globe. in this article we will introduce this stone to you.

What is pink onyx ?

Pink Onyx is an exotic pink slab with incredible translucency, color, and depth amid striking black veining. Since antiquity, pink onyx has been revered as a healing stone that promotes healthy relationships and acts as a ward against various ailments and pain.there’s no denying its beauty. Stocked in 2 CM polished slabs.


Iranian Pink Onyx

Ancient luxury stone from years ago till now is onyx; everyone can find onyx stone in historical place in historical country. Most of the onyx stone finds in Iranian historical place becuase Iran has the most onyx quarry.

pink Onyx from Iran is a pink onyx with dark veins. Onyx stones generally come with beautiful patterns and vivid colors. The characteristic transluscency of Onyx means it looks amazing when backlit. With Onyx your projetcs are guaranteed to stand out.
Like all of our stones, it is available in blocks, slabs, tiles, bookmatch and more. We can process it for you into flooring, columns, walling, mosaic, cladding, countertops, furniture, sink, shower, sculpture.


All onyx has naturally occurring cracks and fissures. It is a fragile material. Expect to see factory repairs. The quality of the repair is dependent upon the factory of origin, the fabricator of the stone and the installer. Use an experienced fabricator familiar with working and repairing onyx. Waste materials should be factored in to fabrication as repairs and reinforcements will likely need to be made. Complex cut to size projects are not advised.


Pink onyx usage and types

v Onice Rosa

v Pink Onyx Slab

v Pink Onyx Blocks

v Pink Onyx Tiles

types of pink onyx , tiles , slab and quarry - iranian pink onyx

Onice Rosa

The Onice Rosa is a wonderful natural stone looks very much elegant and beautiful in your new kitchen or bath and leave your house looking amazing. Pink onyx has a light pure pink color in background with art like white veins. When it comes to choosing a kitchen countertop, one that has been growing in popularity in recent years is onyx countertops. The Onice Rosa is a natural pink Onyx stone, elegant, unique and intense. This rock is very elegant and refined, perfect for indoor paving and luxurious spaces. Afghanistan is also a source for Pink Onyx, but because of Persian pink onyx purity and darkness, Persian pink onyx is the best selling in the world.


Pink Onyx Slab

Pink Onyx Slabs are produced in Iran’s factories due to their beauty and popularity. Iran and Pakistan are the biggest stores for pink onyx. Many STONE CO in iran proudly announces its full capabilities to produce pink Onyx slabs with the best quality imaginable using the best machines and the newest technologies.Pink Onyx is a favorite among designers whom use the Pink Onyx with  pure white onyx and  bianco onyx.


Pink Onyx Blocks

Pink Onyx Blocks are quarried from Iran which has different pink onyx quarries and the most popular pink onyx quarry among all onyx quarries is placed in North West of Iran, which is a pure dark pink color. This pink onyx quarry is able to provide high-quality pink onyx blocks in big standard block size and depends on client order the company would supply pink onyx blocks in smaller sizes.  Pink onyx blocks are also ready to ship and customers are welcomed to visit the pink onyx quarry and select their desired stone blocks.

Pink Onyx Tiles 

Pink Onyx Tiles are expensive in comparison with other colors of Persian Onyx because it is rare and unique so usually producing pink onyx tiles is not cost-effective. So pink onyx slabs is what available in our natural stone gallery. Pink onyx slab thickness is two cm.