Differences between artificial and natural marble stone

Natural Marble is a metamorphic stone, which composed of the minerals calcite, Marson, and dolomite. Most of the marble stone is composed of calcite due to primary limestone. In other words, marble is a type of limestone that has changed over the years due to high pressure and heat.

Natural marble is a hard stone and can stand against acidic materials. Therefore, when this type of stone is exposed to such materials, its color changes. Today, natural marble is very popular in modern home decorations such as exterior walls, sculptures, kitchens, stairs, toilets, etc.


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Artificial Marble :

Artificial marble is also called marble engineering stone, the quality of this stone is very similar to natural marble. artificial marble is produced from fillers and synthetic resins as adhesives and marble particles.

The main advantages of artificial marble are, low shrinkage, high strength, corrosion and wear resistance, minimal water absorption, resistance to climate change, easy maintenance. Artificial marble tiles in construction projects have a wide range of applications in the design of roofs, floors, and interior design.

The elegance of marble stone has made it one of the best home decoration design choices for home designers. Marble flooring in the living room or kitchen counter with marble veneer can give an eye-catching beauty to the design of a home.


Differences between natural and artificial marble stone :

Marble can also be produced artificially. The difference between this artificial stone is in its strength and weight. In terms of weight, artificial marble is about half that of natural stone and can be moved and installed much more easily.

The strength of artificial stone has been improved by laboratory methods and special formulations. The water absorption rate of artificial stone is much less than natural stone. In artificial stone, it is possible to produce customized designs and colors that natural stones do not have this possibility.

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