Gohareh Limestone Special wholesale price

Gohareh Limestone Limestone quarry is in Gohareh-Khorramabad/Iran.

The color of this limestone is a light white cream.

The higher this Natural Stone quality, the more uniform it is and in its lower degrees there are brown veins scattered about it.

Gohareh Limestone can also be considered a competitor to Limestone Stone produced in Europe, China and Central America.

Gohareh Limestone is suitable for the interior of the building so that it is not exposed to direct sunlight.

In addition, You can read more about our Guarantee policy and Shipping policies here.

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Gohareh Limestone

Gohare Limestone is one of the most ancient stones that not only has been used in Iran since years ago but also has found a great market in Europe and the USA.

Limestone has high water absorption, so it should not be used in such places such as baths or pools.

This stone is not expensive like any other limestone.

Limestones vary in hardness depending on their age and formation.

Designers usually use softer limestones for carving fireplace surrounds and artworks.

Although not as durable as granite, limestone can be maintained well.

You can order your inquiry in block, slab, and tile, also you can also choose different finishing surfaces.

In addition, You can read more about our Guarantee policy and Shipping policies here.


Retail policy price list of limestone produced for tile & slab:

The price of tile, slab for retailer sale is the price that end users will pay for

so this price list should be flexible in discounting I Favier of clients

otherwise, you will not succeed in increasing your buyers. the limestone is

suitable for indoor façade & indoor floor of a building  

Wholesale policy price list produces of tile & slab:

When you are going to buy Iranian produce limestone please be informed that if you ask for a wholesale price list you will have the advantage of getting a better price for tile, and slab. Even you will have

The price of Bulk buy of the produce of tile & slab: 

When you are going to order bulk buy of stone quality is no issue for you

& price is very important so you should inform the seller of this to

offer you a better depo of bulk stone.

The price policy for the sale of tile & slab produce:

When you ask for direct sale as an agent of the producer of limestone is

better to have an agreement to avoid any misunderstanding in the future.

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Block size


Slab size


Tiles size

100x100x2CM, 30x30x1.2CM, 40x40x1.2CM, 60x30x2x15CM, 60x60x2CM, 80x80x2CM


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