Blue Onyx

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Blue Onyx is one of the most special stones among all types of onyx.

Blue Onyx with light blue and gray themes and streaks of white and gold irregularly depicted as a masterpiece of nature that has been around for millions of years.

This Natural Stone mine is located in Isfahan province.

Stepping stone and upscale lounge flooring are other uses of blue onyx. Blue onyx is mostly used for luxury and expensive buildings because it is not affordable to use in low-cost projects.

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Blue Onyx

Onyx is an extremely striking and beautiful material.

One reason for this is that the material is translucent (light shines through it), which makes it a very desirable choice for homeowners.

The colors of onyx are soft and sensuous, bold and beautiful and also work best when used under lighting or back lighting to draw attention to these translucent qualities.

You can choose from pastel shades of Blue, Greens, Smoky greys and a deep amber.

Further more, The bands or lines of contrasting color running throughout the stone contribute to its unique characteristics.

Similar to marble, onyx can be finished with a polished or honed surface, but you should consider this stone is more expensive than other natural stone types because it’s rare.

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