Pink red Marble

Pink Red Marble, known as Bejestan Marble, has a light reddish-pink color and wave play, with lines that are more bold than the background color and reddish.

On the surface of it pink aura is seen as fragmented, doubling its beauty.

Bejestan Marble quarry is located in Khorasan province.

The most common use of this Natural Stone is in interior walls of buildings, floors, stairs and cabinets.

Because if the stone installation site is expose to excessive sunlight, it will gradually change its color.

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Pink red Marble

Bejestan Marble is one of the most used marbles in Iran because of its unique beauty, unique, relatively cheap price, availability and abundance.

Due to the low cost of this stone, it is more widely used in public and public schools and centers.

This marble is processed with a colorless mastic or background color to fill the fine surfaces of the rock surface.

The UV treatment indirectly directs the special resin into the veins, which results in a good polishing and polishing of the stone.

We can provide you block, slab, tile and cut to size.

Also, you can choose different finishing, like polished, honed, flamed, sandblast, etc.

Marble is a metamorphic rock found in the mountainous regions of many countries of the world. Marble quarried in Iran, India, China, Italy, Turkey and Spain.

In addition, You can read more about our Guarantee policy and Shipping policies here.

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