Outdoor Travertine Tile

Travertine, is a highly durable sedimentary natural stone that has been used for hundreds of years ago. the coliseum in Italy serves as a testament to this natural stone’s durability. However, its reputation is not confined to this, it is mostly known for having diversity in color and shade. If you are looking for renovating your walkaway or installing new material for your patio, you should choose travertine natural stone. it is an ideal choice to bring luxurious and warmth together in your outdoor space.

Beyond any doubt, all these features serve as a great investment on your house. First of all, its elegant and beauty can bring a classic look to your environment that never go out of style. Secondly and most importantly, it can last a life time which means it won’t crack or erode over time. and above all, being a part of nature, travertine is affordable especially in a long run that you won’t need to install new stone. now the question raises what is the best outdoor uses of travertine. Here you can find some of the best application of travertine in outdoor area.

  • Travertine pavers

You can change the whole look of your space by using travertine in a variety of thickness as pavers to design your patio, driveway and walkaway. Using a specific pattern with different color and size for your walkaway and your patio also can bring visual beauty and interest to your space.

  • Retaining wall

If you’re wishing to renovate retaining wall, you’d better use travertine as each tile have different shade and color from its vicinity, it can appeal to homeowners especially those who are looking for a warm natural colored retaining walls. Depending on the type of travertine tile used, sleek, contemporary walls or rustic and weathered walls can be created. Select a honed and filled travertine tile for a more contemporary look or a tumbled tile for a more rustic finish.

  • Stair treads

Renovating the front of stair treats with travertine tile can complete the beauty of your house especially using a shade and finishes that matches to other stones using elsewhere in outdoor. its durability together with its beauty make this stone an ideal choice for stairs. If covering the tread of the steps as well, consider using a more rustic finish to help give a better grip under foot when the stairs are wet. Travertine is also available in decorative, engraved and stained tiles, which can lend a decorative element to the steps leading up to the home or garden.

While the stone is a favorite for many, it does have its vulnerabilities. if you have travertine in your yard or are considering using it when landscaping, here’s some points you need to know to maintain it carefully.

The first thing you need to consider is that it may be among the hardest stone, but it is natural material which can be etched by heavy furnishers and stained by acidic liquid i.e. harsh cleaner, coffee and wine. Secondly, in order to not being damaged, it is better to keep it clean and sweep your travertine regularly. But remember not to drag heavy vacuum on its surface to clean debris and dust. It is better to use handheld vacuum. Rinse the stone with water to remove excess dirt and debris. To clean travertine that is not regularly maintained, use a pressurized water hose to remove caked on dirt.

Even toughest material needs special and additional protection and it is good idea to seal your outdoor travertine to keep it protected. There three main type of sealers and the type of sealing you choose directly related to the look of your stone you’re wishing to achieve.  If you want to enhance the beauty and natural color of travertine yet protecting your stone, you’re required to use “enhancing stone sealer”. In the second methods which is “Impregnating sealers”, not only does it enhance the color of natural stone, but it also can deposit solid material in its pores to and increase its durability. It is a great way to ensure that this material would last a life time. eventually, “topical glossy sealers” can give a shimmer appearance to your travertine. The advantages of using this sealer for outdoor is that it can prevent fading away the color of your tile.

To wrap it up, if you really want to give an aesthetic view to your outdoor area you’d better choose your proper travertine. Although it goes with any decoration, you can take your favorite color among hundreds of colors and shades. It gives homeowners to decide on the size and dimension they want to take. And if you require further information, you can ask our natural stone profession.

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