Pink red Marble


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Avaiable size :

Slab size : 280x180x2 CM

Tiles size :(100x100x2CM)-(80x80x2CM) - 60x60x2CM )- (60X30x2,15CM) , (30x30x1.2CM),

(40x40x1.2 CM) & desired size 

Block size : 300x200x1180 CM                     Ask for price list....

The simplest way to give a setting a sophisticated touch, following the most valid trends in contemporary living, is definitely the choice of precious stones on floors, walls and furnishing details. Widely used on the tasteful design scene, a marble look is essentially the prime choice.

Pink marble, delicate, pure and very pleasant atmospheres that emanate peace and tranquillity. Truly perfect spaces with which it is impossible to go wrong.

Fineness and sensuality. This is what defines the elegant Pink Red Marble. A soft and gentle hue that permits sophisticated creations. When combined with other neutral-colored marbles it can give a space a strong personality. recently the quarry of this marble need to renewed the license . 

For calm and proportioned spaces where everything is in perfect harmony, transmitting an abundance of happiness.