Black Granite


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Avaiable size :

Slab size : 280x180x2 CM

Tiles size :(100x100x2CM)-(80x80x2CM) - 60x60x2CM )- (60X30x2,15CM) , (30x30x1.2CM),

(40x40x1.2 CM) & desired size 

Block size : 300x200x1180 CM                     Ask for price list....

"Black will never go out of fashion” – one could say – and that statement should also be applied for granite: black granite is coming back or rather, its timeless splendour has been rediscovered.The frequent publications in furnishing or designmagazines during the last months show us this tendency. As we’ve been working with black granite for a long time, we’re able to safely say that, actually, the interest in this material has never dropped.As is so often the case, we notice that sales increase wheneverthe material becomes fashionable all of a sudden.