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Tile Types

iranian stone supplier: travertine,marble,onyx and granite iranian stone supplier: travertine,marble,onyx and granite

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Clean straight lines with all the right parts and pieces. Handcrafted jewel tones with beautiful decorative trims. Create a simple laundry room or a luxurious master bath. Forget that you thought a room would be hard to design. Forget that you think you hate green. From cerulean to moss, from hemp to heather. It is the perfect green. Just add a deco or a liner. You'll see. It simply designed itself.

Tough stuff. Use inside or out. A myriad of colors and sizes. Go from pool casual to fireplace dramatic. Some have deep, rich glazes. Some look like limestone. Mix and match with the real thing for a beautiful look with a practical application. Only you and your contractor will know if it's the real McCoy or McNot.

Sparkle. Shiny. Tumbled. Used in Hearst Castle. Can be used in his/hers castle. Accent a floor, a walkway, a bar. Create a beachy look or an elegant rotunda. Lots of sizes. Lots of colors. Bright and bold, sassy and subtle. Clearly eye-catching.

Jewelry for your tile and stone. From liners to medallions. From little to large. From accents to statements. Pewter, Bronze, Copper, Stainless. Choose your finish. Choose your accent. Choose a most intriguing option.

Stone Accents and Moldingsc
Liners, listelles, torellos. What the heck does that mean? Tile talk for beautiful, decorative trims that enhance a backsplash, an entry, molding around a room, or an outdoor fireplace. Fill in all the blank spots. Your puzzle is done.

Stone Mosaics
You've seen them in Barcelona. You've seen them on HGTV. Maybe you've seen them in Santa Barbara. Mosaics are making a comeback, with even more colors and styles. Put them around a backsplash or even frame a mirror. Say, "Make mine mosaic." But in a Stone Design Gallery, naturally.

There's lots of names for this stuff. People ask us for "Traverteen" and even "Traverstine." Whatever you call it, it's called a lot. Affordable and neutral, it picks up a beautiful patina as it wears. In Europe it's used everywhere. Here. There. Every wear.

Shell Stone
Shells. Fossils. Funny looking squiggly things. Beige, stoney, bathroomy, fireplacey. Created by striations of fossilly, oceany, watery looking creatures. Every day you'll see something new. And want to squiggle.

This stone does shimmer and shine. It looks like slate, but comes in colors lighter than slate. Creamy whites, golden yellows, and grey greens. Relax and watch the sunset from your newly quartzited patio. Just add a glass of something red and an aged Cheddar. Then it will always be Friday night.

Outdoor and rustic. Inside and not. The most beautiful floor to be seen was covered with slate and oriental carpets. Each piece is unique. A work of art. Warm golds, cool greens, and eventide grays. Perfect. Wouldn't it be hard to resist saying, "Slated for success."

This stuff is tough. And durable. It used to be shiny, but now it comes honed and even antiqued. The names are exotic - Juperana Fantastico, Ubatuba and Blue Bahia. Come look at granite just to see Blue Bahia, it's rare. Rarely passed by. The perfect cooking encounter.

Marble is synonymous with elegance. If you have traveled out of the country, you will notice marble in so many places. From Michelangelo statues to cathedral staircases, trod by millions of footsteps. Marble has glorious veining, enhanced when it's polished, softened with tumbling. It flows. It swirls. It is romance in a stone.

Fancy, stoney, intricate, colorful, exotic, patterny, glorious designs for a home, bank or outdoor garden. Ooohs and Ahhhs are the most common response. Put one in a hallway and be transported to the land of Ahhhs.

Hand selected crates of first-quality slabs sit in a building adjacent to the Gallery. You won't find the usual array here as our Manager and his second favorite sidekick travel to pick slabs from around the world. Granite. Marble. Limestone. The best. The clearest. The most unusual.

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